Monday, May 29, 2017

Waterjet cutter built with a cheap pressure washer

Building an abrasive waterjet cutter with a $150 pressure washer.

Water orifice, mixing tube (nozzle), cutting head, high pressure fittings, valve:

80 grit garnet abrasive - ebay

Sun Joe pressure washer:

Pressure gauge -

Good waterjet background and design info:

Good selection of higher-end pressure washers:

Wikipedia waterjet cutter (diagram image source):

Support more Applied Science videos:


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  2. Very cool build Ben. Thanks for the share

  3. Great build, Ben. Have you thought about actually building a hydraulic intensifier? I think that there is a niche opportunity less than 50kpsi and greater than typical limits of commercial/household pressure washers.

    I don't know the answer to this question, but what are the pressure limits for hydraulic compression using a multi disc 'tesla type' pump? might this be something to consider? Doug

  4. Nice job Ben! Just started a build myself and intend to go the CNC route. Was there anything special about the plunger you turned with the larger inside diameter? How much larger did you make it? I all ready have the x-y table ready for the cutting nozzle setup but I'm still aways away. Any thoughts or help would be appreciated, thanks!

  5. Hello Ben. Just wanted to know your oppinion on this: Cheaper than the factory ones.
    Thanks in advance

  6. Hi Ben perhaps you should look at fitting your water jet cutter to the Maslow CNC its only $350 for the 2 axis has vertical cutting bed 8 x 4

  7. Hi there,
    cool work!
    Could you tell me the cost of a complete cutting head (from accustream, I guess)?
    You can reply at u_sugoATyahooDOTcom

  8. Hello Ben! Fine work, you're a great inventor! One request. Can you specify the size of the cutting head (mixing tube) and the diameter of the orifice's channel in millimeters?

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